Our services include SEO Consulting and SEO management, Web Design and Redesign, as well as Digital Marketing for small to medium size businesses.

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Web Design

Building your website will take you one step closer to your dream of seeing that huge turnout for a sale. Establish yourself as THE experts in your field. With various different tools, Empire Agency can help you get your reign started. Don't have a huge budget? That's perfectly fine. We can help you find a great solution.

Website Redesign

Keeping your site up to date not only looks good; it helps you rank higher in Search Engines and brings sticky traffic. Proper front end design will maximize mobile compatibility and desktop efficiency. A quick evaluation will determine how we will help you grow your Empire.

SEO Management

Website optimization has an array of tools and possibilities that can confuse many. By utilizing simple tools from Google, Bing, and Apple - along with other professional tools - Empire Agency will make sure that your website is running quickly and efficiently every time someone performs a search.

SEO Consulting

Getting your business on the front page of Google is absolutely critical to driving revenue. As your SEO Consultant we will advise you on how to improve your SEO Strategy so that your future customers find you, not your competitor. This is the perfect step if you don't feel like you have the budget to go all in.

Digital Marketing

The vast majority of your clients are following your social media for the sales and discounts that you may offer. Not only is that where people find your updates, it can be a primary driver to increase your revenue. Maximize your next promotion by utilizing social media's inexpensive advertising channels.
Empire Agency web design in Orem, Utah.

Why have a website?

  • Establishes you as the product expert, especially in your local market.
  • Search Engines favor companies with quality content
  • Compete with large competitors.
  • It differentiates your brand and builds relationships - 91% of customers visit a store because of an online interaction
With so many cost effective ways, we are bound to have a solution to help you get your site up and running in no time.

How will Website Redesign help?

  • Most traffic comes from a mobile device, even when a computer is available
  • Search Engines emphasize up to date content.
  • 57% of customers won't recommend a business if the website is poorly designed
  • 70% of websites don't use a Call-To-Action
So whether you use in-house staff to maintain your website, hired a freelancer or consultant, or use a drag-and-drop website builder; let Empire Agency get your site where it deserves to be.
Empire Agency web design in Orem, Utah.
Empire Agency SEO services in Orem, Utah.

Why SEO? Because SEO is responsible for driving 93% of online traffic.

  • With "near me" search's astronomic growth, more than 37% of customers search for a store near them at least once a month
  • Digital sales save on time and labor costs
  • 72% of online marketers say that content is their most valuable tool
And most importantly, grow your revenue with SEO! Thirty percent of small businesses report that SEO helps their revenue grow on average by twenty five percent.

Why Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing will generate more sales.

  • 58% of mobile revenue comes from websites, not retail apps
  • 62% of customers follow your social media for sales/discounts
  • 75% of business owners feel online marketing is worthwhile
  • 80% of smartphone users will use their phone for product research
Empire Agency digital marketing in Orem, Utah.